Monday, August 24, 2009

I just keep trying.............

I am leaving Wednesday for Reardon, Washington. I will be teaching at the Buggy Barn - Thursday and Friday of this week. Gathering Baskets has popped up on several sights and Quilt Hollow posted a partial picture of her friends quilt just last week (Thank you!), so thought I would post a picture along with It's a Crock! I'll be teaching classes on both of these pieces - Thursday and Friday of this week. I'll share pictures when I return.

I wanted to write a note with the smile box.......but my fingers were quicker than my brain it seems. Primitive Youngins was published last fall. I've had so many people ask about it recently that I thought I would post it for everyone to see.

It's a 6 project book of smaller quilts that are named "games" we used to play as children. Perhaps it will take you down memory lane - if only for a little while!

I am working on the new patterns, trying to get a smile box of that made too. I will post it as soon as my pattern club members have gotten a chance to see it....they always see things first.
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