Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poll Results

Thanks to everyone that participated in the poll "What do you like least about starting a new project?"

I have people say to me that it's always hard for them to pick out the fabrics. That they usually buy kits from shops because they can't pick them out. So, when the end results came in "cutting the fabric" I was surprised.

Thinking outside of our comfort zone regarding colors and or fabrics is always hard. Knowing that we only have 6 colors to choose from should make it easier. However, if people don't know that brown is really Yellow and that pink isn't a color group, but only red with white added to it, no one will ever use them in quilts. Knowing that if you have yellow in your quilt - purple should be present as well because they compliment each other is another.

Sorry, got off track's a trick for cutting fabric. I never cut a whole quilt at one time. When you first get a pattern and (I'm so glad this wasn't the answer given most) have read all the instructions, choose the fabrics most likely to be the ones - cut enough for one block and sew it together. Testing the pattern first should be #1 - Making sure the colors/fabrics you've chosen are the ones #2. Building on a color scheme is always fun. Running out of fabrics and having to choose ones that go with what you've already chosen will make it special.

Precutting ALL the fabrics and then changing your mind is not only time consuming, but you can end up with a ton of cut fabric with no where to go. How many bins of scraps do you have in your sewing rooms? (I really do think they breed at night!)

And, lastly - after a day of choosing, cutting, sewing I think a glass of wine should be your reward. Start sewing the next day! Please share your ideas of cutting fabrics....everyone can learn from each other.

Until next time...........

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