Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Old Fashioned!

I'm as old fashioned as you can ever imagine, so doing things that way just comes naturally to me. Oh, I'm not into hand piecing like gramma started out doing..........she got a sewing machine too eventually! But, I do love hand quilting and so that's how I do it. When new patterns come out it's always a time thing so only the first 23 patterns were hand quilted and since then all have been machine quilted. Here's where I could really use your help............Oh, I could buy a book and read up on this, but first hand knowledge always is the best. Here's what I need you to do......... please!

When you get a quilt machine quilted, or even if you do it yourself. What do you want your quilt to look like? And, how would you tell a machine quilter what you want done?

I think I know that stippling and meandering means the same thing, right?
That evenly quilted needs to be a little more exact? Like an inch apart or 3/4 inch apart?
If echoing - be specific about how far apart you want that?

But, other than that I'm clueless...........perhaps your insight will make this easier for me.

Thanks bunches!

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