Monday, November 2, 2009

another Mr. Boo to share

Hey Lynda.
Thought I would share what I did with your pattern you sent out a while back! I have an 8 month old grandson Jack. Finding
a Halloween bag for him that would fit his size, was just not
possible! They were all way to big! So I took your pattern you sent
us via email & made just the right size for him. He loves it & drags
it around with him. I lined it & finish it inside that if he uses
this next year, his Mommie can reverse it by taking the bear off.
Thank you for that pattern. It worked for something entirely
different than what was intended, but a finish for his little costume
was perfect. He is a pumpkin this year. This is the front & I will
follow with the back view! Thank you again for sharing your amazing
ideas with me!
Sue Taylor
Apopka, Fl.

Thanks Sue for sharing your Mr. Boo idea with all of us! It's a wonderful idea for a gramma to use for next year!  I know of several gramma's that have new babies in the family that will be just the right size for next season.

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