Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa was in Florida for a short time..............

Santa came to Florida this past weekend.   We caught up with him at the Bass Pro Shop.  We knew he had to get back up to the North Pole so we made a quick dash to visit him.  I remember when Becca was a little shy around him not so long ago, but she had her list ready this year and she asked me if I had mine.  It was Sarah's turn to be a little shy this year, but she did ask for a lollipop, candy cane and a boat.  Santa was a little surprised, but said he'd do his very best.  Mommy and gramma decided to visit with him too!   I'm not sure what Chelsie asked him for, but I did ask for a Happy, healthy new year for all of us.  A little prosperity would be wonderful as well.  lol  We had a grand time.   From our house to yours.............Merry Christmas! 
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