Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sewing Doll

You know, we all need help in our sewing rooms.  Someone that helps but isn't bossy.  If you come to PMW you can meet my little helper in person.  She's always on time and always dressed for work.  (I've asked her not to come in her jammies!)  She wears an apron that is pinned on with a wool sunflower.  She holds my scissors in her waistband so they are always handy when she follows me around.  She has a charming spool necklace  that she lets me wrap my thread around as well.  There is a buttoned-on flap at the back to hold needles and small ruler and, well to just cover up parts that shouldn't be seen.   When she's busy holding stuff for me, she just lets me pin her and never complains.  Buttoned eyes, a wool stitched nose and a very thoughtful expression is always on her face.  She never asks to leave early because of a hair appointment because her hair is rusty pins and never hangs down in her face.  I think she's just very handy to have around and you can have one too!  If you can't make it to PMW watch for the pattern coming your way.
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