Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's in a Name?

While I was away this week, I had some time to really think about the name for my pattern club.  One of the things I've always thought was so special about quilters is the ability to become friends quickly.  I've made some very special friends through my work.  Going to market twice a year, teaching at retreats, lecturing at guild shows, visiting quilt shops. 

The group of people that follow what I do, my pattern club members, my blog and face book friends, they are all  people that like the same things I do.  We share a passion for "primitive" quilting.  It's those people that I'm the closest to in the quilting world. 

I've thought long and hard about a name for the pattern club.  I've received so many wonderful choices that it's been very difficult to pick just one and it seems like it's taken a very long time to choose.

Let me introduce you to the Primitive Pieces by Lynda pattern club's new name


It's because our closest friends always use the back door when they come to visit that makes this name perfect.  I consider my pattern club back door friends.   I hope you like the name chosen.  I'll be back with more details soon!

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