Monday, January 31, 2011

Million Pillowcase Challenge - UPDATE

I was blown away when I received an email from Kathy B. who follows my blog.  She was one of the people who signed up for the Million Pillowcase Challenge I talked about.  When she didn't see another post regarding the deadline for this event she wrote to me and said that with the help of her two sisters they went ahead and made.......are you ready for this?  100 PILLOWCASES between the three of them.  They are donating their pillow cases to a nursing home in their town where they all grew up and went to school...WAY TO GO LADIES (Kathy is in the middle of the picture!)  I am so proud of what you have done and I will make sure American Patchwork and Quilting become aware of this. 

So, now that we have been shown what can happen when we get to work.........please let me know how many you have made and where they will be donated by March 15th.
I will be sending in the total number to American Patchwork and Quilting the very next day. 

Please also send me a picture of yourself or if you have a group making them. 

With everything that's been happening I dropped the ball and didn't let everyone know the deadline...  Let's not let Kathy and her sisters down.  They have really raised the bar here!  Thanks so much Kathy for starting this wonderful ball rollilng!

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