Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ewe Old Bags - Prairie Satchels

Many of you that do not KNIT have asked if this pattern could be revised to include making these fun prairie satchels using pre-felted wool...........and, HERE IT IS!
The pattern includes both knitting and stitching methods to have each of these bags.
Both ways use the same hardware, leather straps, fabric requirements for lining and pockets, all templates for each seasonal applique and amounts to use......!  Order your pattern today and you can make all of these fun satchels for yourself and family members. 

The newly revised patterns are not in the quilt shops nor with any distributors at this time, but should be later this spring.  They can only be ordered from my website or by emailing me directly until that time.

As designers we are always interested in what you'd like to have.  Enjoy!


Shakerwood said...

Hooray! I loved those bags but can't knit to save my life. Order is finished...going out in tomorrow's mail. Will email you soon....

WoolenSails said...

I still need to try some bags and purses.
I have a pattern someone gave me years ago, guess I should try it;)


Appalachian Quilts said...


Anna said...

I think I will call my "Ewe Smokin Hot Bag" I don't want anyone to confuse me with the Old Bag! lol

claire said...

je regrette de ne pas comprendre parfaitement l'anglais j'adorerai faire ce modèle , j'ai commandé la nouvelle revue primitive quilt , il me tarde de la recevoir et j'espère trouver le modèle de ces sacs . J'adore ce blog
amitié de France
I regret not understand English perfectly adore to this model, I ordered the new review primitive quilt, I can not wait to receive it and hopefully find the model of these bags. I love this blog
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