Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love sharing....

Good Morning!
It's a beautiful day here in Florida.  Cool and just perfect to sit out on the porch with my first cup of coffee.  The gold finches are here by the dozens.  For such little birds they really do eat alot.  A couple of days ago I posted that we said good bye to the robins and really felt they had left the area.  But, sitting on the porch yesterday evening, another flock of them came for a visit.  I have so enjoyed them visiting this year.

But, that really isn't the reason for writing this morning.........I just received some very fun pictures from LuAnn Leonard and Angela Brady.  I've posted the pictures on the parlor room page of my website for everyone to see. 

LuAnn sent me a picture of her Purl.   My purl has several new cousins and I just know they will be as helpful to their maker's as mine is to me.  Purl never lets me down.

Angela from Homespun Decor and Antiques in Ash, North Carolina sent me 3 pictures of samples she's made for her shop.  The pictures are of The Bundling Board, Slim Pickins and a Tisket a Tasket.  Here's a link to get you to the right place to view all of them.  While you are there - you might want to see all 25 pages of pictures of quilts others have made from my pattern line. 

We all see things so differently so I hope you'll get inspired to make your own version of some of the ones you'll see.

Until next time, Have a great day!
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