Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The new spring patterns are complete.  I received the covers yesterday from my VERY
favorite graphic designer, Chelsie from Hall or Nothing Designs.  She's done a wonderful job capturing the idea behind each of their names. 

Grampa's Saw Mill is a pieced quilt that measures 59 inches square. 
Play Date Bundle - has two checkerboard quilts - one for a girl and one for a boy.
   The girls quilt is 50 inches and the boys quilt is 55 inches
   Plus - The Primitive Youngins Doll that so many of you have asked for.  She's
    24 inches in length.

The Painted Lady - is a pieced butterfly quilt with pieced flowers and picket fence with
  a railing for some birds to sit.  The birds are appliqued on.  This quilt measures 76 1/2

I will be announcing the winner of all 3 of these patterns very soon.   If you commented on what all three of these things have in common from a previous post .....A saw mill, a play date and a painted lady YOU could be a winner! 

I will be posting these new patterns on my website later today.  Order yours today!


WoolenSails said...

Love your new patterns, beautiful pieces and as always you use the most wonderful prim fabrics.


Carol said...

Linda they're great! Love what Chelsie did...she's amazing!

katie said...

Wonderful new quilt patterns. I thought for a minute someone had a big painting on their barn. Love it.

debbie said...

As usual, LOVE them!! Waiting to hear who the lucky winner is! Where is that great barn?
Debbie :)

MARCIE said...

Your patters and their covers look terrific!

Jane said...

I love the patterns, now I just need to figure out a way to make more time in the day. Gosh you do wonderful work.

Marian said...

Love your new patterns, especially Grandpa's Saw Mill. Looks so nice on that barn.

davisbk_davis said...

Love the new patterns they are beautiful. Keep up the good work.


Mary said...

I love the new patterns, especially the Play Date one.

Anna said...

Love the patterns! I am on the second side of my May Basket and it's almost MAY!!!!

Nancy said...

this is my first time to your site wow one is more fascinating than the last.I trying to chose one