Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The new spring patterns are complete.  I received the covers yesterday from my VERY
favorite graphic designer, Chelsie from Hall or Nothing Designs.  She's done a wonderful job capturing the idea behind each of their names. 

Grampa's Saw Mill is a pieced quilt that measures 59 inches square. 
Play Date Bundle - has two checkerboard quilts - one for a girl and one for a boy.
   The girls quilt is 50 inches and the boys quilt is 55 inches
   Plus - The Primitive Youngins Doll that so many of you have asked for.  She's
    24 inches in length.

The Painted Lady - is a pieced butterfly quilt with pieced flowers and picket fence with
  a railing for some birds to sit.  The birds are appliqued on.  This quilt measures 76 1/2

I will be announcing the winner of all 3 of these patterns very soon.   If you commented on what all three of these things have in common from a previous post .....A saw mill, a play date and a painted lady YOU could be a winner! 

I will be posting these new patterns on my website later today.  Order yours today!

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