Saturday, August 27, 2011

A name that fits......

So, what do you do when you make a quilt and don't have a name for it?  A couple of ideas have come to mind, but then thought if I told you about the quilt and the story, perhaps you could help me with a name!???  If you have the name that's picked, I'll send you a free pattern and put your name in the pattern as having named it.  However,
if I choose to go with the name I have already.........everyone's name will go into a bucket and a free pattern will be sent to the name drawn.

First let me tell you what the quilt is like.....Picture this in your mind -
8 Stars, 8 Nine Patches.  Sashing between 4 large blocks with post blocks.  Surrounded by different colored squares on the outside.   All 6 colors were used, but the focal color is dark yellow(brown)/orange - or sienna.

And, here's the story -
My mom's oldest brother, Lorne, was the first one to leave the farm to go into the city to work.  He was the first one to have a car in the family.  It was a roadster with a rumble seat.  He'd come home on the weekends and the 3 youngest children, my mom, uncle Morgan and Uncle Bob couldn't wait to be taken for a ride.    Only two could sit in the rumble seat so they would hurry to see who would get to or who had to sit in the front with uncle Lorne.   He always had what they called "coppers" to share with the kids so that they would have something for the offering at church on Sunday.  (Coppers were large pennies). 

Let me know what you can submit as many names as you'd like.  Please send them in by September 3rd.  Thanks bunches!  Lynda

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