Thursday, September 15, 2011


OH MY! It's September 15th and  I'm on time this month for our special September Birthday drawing! Happy Birthday to all the September birthday gals!  AND,

from Alaska
Happy Birthday Karen
The Auntie Bean's Stalks pattern you
chose is on it's way to you!

Remember, if your birthday is this get a
25% discount on all the patterns you purchase...take
advantage of this savings before the end of the month!
Until next time, L


Robyn said...

how do you join the birthday draw?

Lynda said...

Robyn, you have to join the Back Door Friends Pattern Club first. It's FREE to join. Here's what I need to get you set up:
mailing address,
telephone number,
birth date
FREE pattern of your choice if you win

I'll do the rest. You get a 10% discount on all the patterns you purchase....but, with no pressure to do so...only when you are ready!
There is a birthday drawing once a month and that person wins a FREE pattern of her choice if chosen. Anyone that has a birthday during the current month, if they are in the club, gets a 25% discount on all the patterns they order.
You can also be part of the breast cancer projects if you want to.
It's all on a voluntary basis.
Hope that helps let everyone know what the Back Door Friends Pattern Club is all about.

WoolenSails said...

Congratulations to Karen!