Thursday, September 1, 2011

For Kendall - Aunt Ree's Raspberry Jam

Kendall, my 2nd cousin, wrote to me saying we were related, but we've never met.  lol
Sheila, kendall's mom is my cousin and Kendall is her daughter.  How fun to get a note from Kendall regarding this quilt which is about her gramma, (my Aunt Ree).  Aunt Ree's Raspberry Jam has always been a popular quilt among my pattern line.  I think the complimentary colors - purple/yellow - are what set this quilt off.  

If you visit my website....
and click on the parlor room button you can see other people's version of this quilt.

Thanks Kendall for bringing this to my attention...........Aunt Ree would be so proud of her quilt.  Uncle Jim (your grampa) was also featured in "The Old Nag", "Fiddlin Around" and Jeeper's Creepers"  - these can also be seeing on my website.  in either the keeping room or the patterns page.

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