Sunday, January 22, 2012

VALENTINE'S DAY...........

While out and about yesterday I found this delightful primitve heart (measures 6 x 11 inches - (give or take a bit), of course, with what looks like a love letter, and old pictures of who I want to think were sweet hearts! romantic is that?  It has some sweet annie and berries and it's all bundled up in tea stained cheese cloth....!

I thought it just might be fun to give this little cutie away to a special valentine!
So, here's how it will work - starting today, January 22 - until February 7th (I want you to be able to have this mailed to you so it reaches you Valentine's Day!)

To get into the drawing you have to purchase at least 1 pattern - (that's to get your name in the bucket) then for each additional pattern you will get 2 chances for each. i.e. 2 patterns gets you 3 chances!

But, there's more.....for anything you purchase out of the get 5 chances per item. 

So, who wants to be my special valentine?

Good luck!

Hugs, Lynda

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