Sunday, February 5, 2012

SEWING BOWL...........

Football really isn't my thing, so decided to have a Sewing Bowl.....and I won before the game even begins this evening!  HAR!
I've been hiding away in my sewing studio for days on end lately trying to finish up all my projects for the PMW 2012 event coming up in a few short months.....(yes, they do fly by here at my house!) 

I know this is early, but I do SOOOOOOO hope you can come play with me in Lee's Summit, Missouri this June.  We just have the best time!   Check out Quilter's Station website for all the details  - 

I'll be teaching 3 projects -

A fun pillowcase you can make to cover existing pillows that might sit on your couch all year long. (I mean how many pillows can we store!)  Perhaps you have some on your bed  that could be festive for the holidays as well.  Learn to make this one, then make different ones for different seasons and/or holidays.  A whole stack of these don't take up much space.

Fabric and Wool

Rudolph is sitting in Santa's Sleigh and says, "Let's Ride"  He's really tired of being the one who has to lead the pack - shiny nose or not.!  Look, the poor deer has ornaments hanging from his antler's and the birds think they are a fun place to perch.  I think he might be a little crossed eyed as well. 

Fabric and Wool

And, an Advent Tree to count down the days until Christmas.....1-25 are stitched on one side and when you turn them over as the days get a surprise.  Well, now I just can't tell you what it is...that would spoil all the fun.

Fabric and Wool

Come join me this summer and have the best 3 days of stitching, visiting with old friends and making new ones.  I promise you that you'll have the bestest time!

Copywrite 2012, Primitive Pieces by Lynda
All these projects will become patterns after the June, PMW event.

Until next time,

Hugs, Lynda


Rocking Chair Stitches said...

How awesome are so so creative. Love these. Wish I lived closer....I go to Sanibel in March and October, maybe one time you will have something then. But...I am sewing as I watch The Road To The Superbowl. I AM IN RHODE ISLAND, PATRIOTS COUNTRY. IN MEMORY OF MYRA KRAFT.

Shakerwood said...

Can you put me (me being Shakerwood Woolens) on auto-ship when the patterns come out? LOL Love this one!!

Sharon said...

Love your new projects, these will be loads of fun!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful new pieces and perfect for a retreat.


Mary said...

I wish I were closer! The projects are so cute I'd love to be able to make them but Oregon is just a bit too far for a day trip. Bummer.

deb-bee said...

Hi Lynda,
Great idea. I love your pillow covers. How about pillow covers of the month? Just an idea. Patterns or kits with patterns. I'm sure your thinking cap is always on.

;-) bee-hugs, Debby (WI)