Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good afternoon everyone!

First an apology for not writing sooner than today!  No excuses other than the ones everyone hears all the time........busy, busy, busy!
I do want to congratulate all of you on getting your blocks back to me on time!  And, to let you know that 552 quarter blocks were received!  I was astounded by the response and can't wait to show you what YOU have all done.
Because of the large number of blocks, pictures have been taken of all of them.....but, haven't been posted because of a time thing.  Everyone's name has been recorded and because the blocks were sent back in quarters your sections might not be in just one everyone's name will go on each of the quilt labels on the back.
Right now, 5 quilts have been sewn together, kinda sorta...strips have been made with the blocks, and today I've started sewing them together. 
It does look like I will be needing one more machine quilter's.........if you know of one that would like to donate her time to quilting for this project, please let me know.  
As soon as the quilts are returned to me and bound I will get pictures of all of them up on my website.  Each quilt will look a little different and be quite large from the look of things. 
Thanks again for your help with this special "Block Party 2012" project.
I'll be back in touch with more news soon.
Hugs, Lynda

PS The above block is only one way these quarter sections will be sewn together.  
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