Thursday, November 22, 2012


You can Run.....but, you Can't Hide is the title
of this wool piece I made a few years ago.  He still makes
me smile so I bring him out this time of year. 
He hangs in my kitchen - watches and listens -
is ready to run if he needs too!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

From our house to yours, we hope you have a wonderful day with your
family and friends

We all have so much to be Thankful for....
add your Thankful comments to this post today!
Someone will win a prize!

I am so Thankful for my wonderful husband of 43 years,
my children and their wives,
our 3 grand children
 I'm so thankful for good health
(although some wonder about me!  grin)
and for all my wonderful friends!
I'm thankful that I still have my mom
whom is 89 years old
and I can't forget
our bloodhound

I hope each of you enjoy this wonderfully special eating holiday!


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