Thursday, December 13, 2012

More fun pictures to share!

Christmas is so much fun for me.  It's my favorite holiday and I'm so glad some of you feel the same way.  Getting pictures to share is like Christmas morning for me.  Here's some that I just received and had to share them with all of you.

Anna sent me pictures of her "Cold Days" table runner...she added another snowman to her piece to represent her precious grandson, Wyatt.  Here's a picture of her runner and one of Wyatt too!

                                   she added glasses to her snowman too!
                                    What a precious picture of you Wyatt!!!

Another picture to share is from Sandy....Her "Chilly's Big Brother" from my new book "Deck the Halls" hangs on her cellar door......Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Raquel had fun making this version of "Aunt Maggie's Dancin Shoes"....I always love seeing one of my patterns in another colorway.   (mine was blue, green, cream)  It's lovely Raquel!!!

Oh, What fun it see all these wonderful pieces.  Thanks so much for sharing with us. 

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Blog Hop.........Don't forget there will be a drawing at the end of this hop and also another drawing for the Thanksgiving post.  I was sick during that time so that hasn't happened yet.  Stay tuned!!!

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