Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Good Morning,
As promised from last weekends quilt show,  I have started adding items to the pantry - kits for sale - on my website.  You can get there with this link........  to check them out.

Spring - a small wool kit to make this table rug.  It includes the wool, back and binding - only 1 left.

Flag Wool Pin cushion - this kit includes the wool to make the flag, including the backing. - 3 left

Sweethearts - these little ditties are great to make to hang on your baskets.  Although each picture will be
  the same, they do come in different colors.  To many combinations to list, but they are Lynda colors.

Bookmarkers - If you love to read, you need one of these!  kit includes the wool and clip to make them
  to save your spot in your favorite book.  The picture also will be the same on each kit, but the colors will

There isn't a lot left over to post, but will do so when time permits.

Thanks for checking them out.  Quantities are limited.

Hugs, Lynda

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