Thursday, July 9, 2009

If you are one to take classes, here's the perfect item for you........The picture above shows two different sizes of "pattern bags" The one on the left is for opened up patterns in the larger plastic bags and/or a book that has the pattern in it that you will be making. The one on the right is for the folded patterns. These will be patterns by the first of September.

And, how many sewing roll-ups does a body need? Well, I think one of each kind I see would make me happy.....While teaching at PMW it's fun to walk around and see all the fun stuff people keep their sewing notions in. I had a hard time deciding which one - well, perhaps several - I wanted to take with me that I have in my collection. I had the pattern club drawing coming up and wanted to make something for the winner (which I try to do every time there is one) so made these. I think I've given away 3 of these now. They are fun to make and take hardly no time at all. They will be patterns by the first of September. I will let everyone know.

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