Monday, July 6, 2009

Little fishes...........

Being a gramma has been a great joy to me. Leaving Canada when I was only 3 1/2, I didn't have an opportunity to be close with any of my grand parents. Having my two little girls live so close to me has been such a joy. Rebecca, the older one will be 6 this December and little Sarah just turned 2 in May. I spent last Friday afternoon watching them take their swimming lessons. Sarah and Mommy (Chelsie) go in first in the younger class. I had the video camera and could hear her saying, "I want Gramma!" I might add, she did everything they asked her to do, but wasn't happy about it at all. (I'm not sure where she gets that stubborn streak) Becca's class was next and she's having a ball. She is the first to volunteer when asked to do something. Her class got rained out on Friday, so gramma will have to go back and video her class next week. You can tell it's such a chore for I am unable to answer yours and Carol's comments from the last post. So, I've taken a step forward and a few back. I should have a partner and it would seem like we're dancin here. Carol, check out Sarah's build...who does she look like to you?

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