Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mockingbirds vs Mocking Birds

Here it is Sunday and time for the game to end....Mockingbirds (all together) is a type of bird. Now, a mocking bird is a bird that mocks what it hears. Mockingbirds are typically gray/white with beautiful tails....but in my world of primitive and the quilt I am creating, the birds are different colors and have hardly any tails.....(artistic license taken here!). I wanted to make sure that IF I named a quilt "Mocking Birds" that people would not confuse the "type" of bird and think I was crazy because of the colors/shapes I used. So, I see that you understood what I meant and I can name the quilt Mocking Birds.....ok, enough said on that. Everyone that participated will be receiving a free copy of "Mocking Birds" as a thank soon as it is printed. If I don't have your snail mail address, please be sure to write to me personally - - so that I can mail you your copy. Thanks for playing along. I really appreciate it.

Mocking Birds is a pieced fabric wall hanging with wool applique in the middle border.

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