Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Turkey has a name..........

Hello and Happy Thankgsgiving to everyone!  It's an especially fun day for me as it's also my birthday today.  Every three years it falls on Thanksgiving Day. I'm much older than the turkey, but then he has to keep running so he doesn't end up on someone's table this year. 

All the entries were put into a hat, and although I don't have a "tom" here to pick the winner, my husband Curt has indeed chosen a name.  We both just about cracked up when the winning name was chosen.  And, so I'll have to share that story before I tell you the winning name.........years ago we had some chickens and a rooster that lived here with us.  Every day I would go out and collect the eggs.  And, every time I did the rooster clawed me.  I used to just cry because he wouldn't leave me alone.  Curt was out of town this one particular time and when I went in to get the eggs, our rooster, came at me and clawed me not once, but twice.   Crying, I called my father-in-law and told him what happened.  He said, Lynda, you've got to show him who's the boss. Take a broom in there with you.  When he comes at you, push him away with the broom.  Well, I did take the broom in there with me, but he came at me again and I was so flustered I dropped the broom and yes, once again he showed me who was the boss!  Our Rooster's name was Randolph and Stina is the one who entered that name.

Congratulations Stina.........I will email you a FREE copy of the Turkey Pattern for being the winner! 
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