Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It seems there have been a lot of bad bloggers of late...and I'm adding my name to the bottom of that list.  I haven't been a good blogger at best, so not sure what category I'd fall into now.  Please just love me anyway!!!

Above are the two newest patterns being introduced at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis in just a another week or so.  "Block Party" on the left is a pieced/appliqued quilt that measures 70 1/2 inches square.  Some of you will already "KNOW" this block.
It was designed for the last breast cancer projects so many people worked on.  The pattern is to pay tribute to all the women that helped me with a project that is so near and dear to our hearts.  This particular quilt was put together differently from  the quilts made during that project (You can see those quilts by clicking on the Box Lunch Social button on the home page - http://www.primitivepiecesbylynda.com/) .  I wanted this one to represent people from around the globe, from their own neighborhoods, who worked together to make 4 wonderful quilts to be donated to Quilts for a Cause, Inc. to be auctioned off for women's cancer.   I am so very proud of everyone that worked on this with me. 

The pattern on the right, FUNDA BUNDA 2, is a second one of the Funda Bundles.  I am so very happy that you like the bundled patterns.  Three projects for the price of one.
Projects that are fun to make, and be made quickly.  It also is a great gift to a sewing friend. 

I'm looking forward to having YOUR shop owner see them at market.   I will be adding them to the pattern page today.  (Click on the patterns button on the left hand side of the home page and go to page 7)

Until next time,
Hugs, Lynda
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