Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CORRECTION NEWS - A Little Porch Time Book

Good Morning Everyone,
It has been brought to the Kansas City Star's attention that corrections need to be made to the publication of their book, A Little Porch Time.

These are the corrections in the two Panels concerned – C & E.
Section C:
Cut the bottom right piece 17” x 8 ½”

Section E
E2: After making the Nine Patch strip, sew a strip 21 ½” to each side (not 21”).

Cut a strip of background fabric 1 ¾” x 24” (not 2 ¼” x 24”) to sew to the bottom of the zinnia/Nine Patch block.

E3: Cut the background for the sawtooth block 18” (not 18 ½”) x 20 3/4”, or if you prefer, piece the background with 2” strips along the left side and the top. After attaching the sawtooth strip, the block should measure 18” x 24”. Trim if necessary.

Please accept our apologies and THANK YOU  for your understanding.
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