Monday, September 3, 2012

A Special note I received today

Good Morning and Happy Labor Day,

It's the little things in our lives that always mean the most.  A hug, a thank you or just a smile is what can make my day.  This morning when I turned on my computer I received this note:

Good Morning Lynda,
In May, I had sent you a picture of my son and the quilt I had made him for his college graduation and you featured it in your May 18th, 2012 blog post.  As a follow-up, I wanted to let you know, the quilt won a blue ribbon at the Monterey County Fair.

Thank you again for the pattern.


Rori certainly made my day today!  The quilt is beautiful, her son loved the quilt and now a ribbon to go along with it.  Life doesn't get much better!  Thanks Rori for sending me your email this morning and a big CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!

Hugs, Lynda

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