Thursday, September 6, 2012


This morning I sent out word about my newest book, Deck the Halls, to everyone on my email list.  Now I can share it with all of you.

My publisher, The Kansas City Star, will present this book to all of you approx. Sept. 15th.    I can't wait to get my first shipment in my hot little hand.  If you want to be among the first to have a copy, please pre-order by emailing me - to reserve a copy..  I'll make sure you are on the list to have it right away.

The premise of the book is a time line.  So, come walk with me through the fall when I first start decorating for the Christmas holidays.  Hear about our family traditions and see quilts you can make to start your own.  To get you  started, a fall quilt called "Christmas Wreaths"  is the first you can make and hang in your home before Christmas, keep up all during the holidays as well.  If you are like me I get so excited about Santa coming so you'll be able to track his route by making a quilt called  "Santa's Route". We all know he brings "Christmas Packages"  so the quilt that will hang in my stairwell will showcase that.  What do you eat for Christmas dinner?  Gramma would have made "Christmas Goose"!  Having a quilt by that name seems only right!

Do you remember Chilly? He's in the book to introduce you to "Chilly's Big Brother" who is going to be the center of attention hanging on my barn wall in the kitchen.  He's so proud to be the focus of attention this year.  If you know the story about Chilly, you know he hid behind a tree forever!  And, of course, for so many of you he can hang well into spring  keeping you entertained until the last snow storm passes.

And, it always makes me sad that Christmas comes and goes so I hope you will walk a little further down the holiday lane......."Bridging the Gap" and "Behind the Log Cabin" is a reversible quilt you can have hanging around for the Christmas holidays, Valentine's Day and,  you bet, turn that quilt over for.........St. Patrick's Day.  

I love the idea that the quilts we all make don't have to be out of site just because a holiday comes and goes.
I hope you will travel with me through the seasons............Gee, you'll almost be ready for summer by the time you've made all the projects in this book.

I'll have to think of what will come next..............

Until then, 
Hugs, Lynda
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