Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Everyone

It's so hard to believe it's April already...but, it's a fact!  I've posted my April Calendar picture at the top of my blog and it just seems right that "A Little Porch Time", my book published by the Kansas City Star is on the calendar.  It's a perfect time of year to sit on the porch and watch the birds.  We have so many baby birds in our yard right now and we love watching the parents teach their little ones where the worms are.  We have baby wrens, chickadees, titmice, cardinals and saw yesterday where a mocking bird had layed 3 eggs in her nest.  We have another mommy wren sitting on 3 eggs in her nest too.  The bluebirds and flycatchers have been visiting.  We said goodbye to the robins and cedar waxwings and just about all the gold finches are gone now.  They left saying they would see us again next year.

Cold Days seem to be behind all of us, but not here at Primitive Pieces by Lynda.  The magazine, Primitive Quilts and Projects first edition is out of print, so Cold Days has a new look.   This pattern will be sold on the patterns page of my website in the next week or so.  Chelsie worked her magic again and I'm really excited with the new look.  I meet with my printer guy on Tuesday to finalize and print the covers.  I'm very excited to share this new pattern with each of you that perhaps didn't get the magazine.  Here's how the new cover will look........YOU are the first to see it!

Watch the website patterns page....when you see it listed you will be able to purchase it fom there.  All the original kits have been sold from the magazine article, but I am still making them.  A special thank you to everyone that has purchased a kit.  I hope you will send me a picture of yours to share.

Until next time, Happy Easter to all of you.