Thursday, November 22, 2012


You can Run.....but, you Can't Hide is the title
of this wool piece I made a few years ago.  He still makes
me smile so I bring him out this time of year. 
He hangs in my kitchen - watches and listens -
is ready to run if he needs too!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

From our house to yours, we hope you have a wonderful day with your
family and friends

We all have so much to be Thankful for....
add your Thankful comments to this post today!
Someone will win a prize!

I am so Thankful for my wonderful husband of 43 years,
my children and their wives,
our 3 grand children
 I'm so thankful for good health
(although some wonder about me!  grin)
and for all my wonderful friends!
I'm thankful that I still have my mom
whom is 89 years old
and I can't forget
our bloodhound

I hope each of you enjoy this wonderfully special eating holiday!


Saturday, November 17, 2012


On my birthday this year, another blog hop, called A Primitive Christmas, will start. It will include 12 designers * 12 Holiday Ornaments (designed by each of us) * 12 Cookie Swap recipes * Tidbits about each of us and our family in regards to the Holiday Season... It will start Nov 26 and end Dec 21st *  So, watch each Monday, Wednesday and Friday until everyone has posted for this event.  Please join in the fun again this year!
Here is a list of everyone that will participate and the date they will be posting.  Watch for a special guest at the end!  I wonder who that could be?????

Monday Nov 26 * Tara Darr * Sew Unique Creations

Wed Nov 28 * Debbie Busby * Wooden Spool Designs

Friday 30 * JoAnn Mullaly * JAM – Wool Crazy

Monday Dec 3 * Lori Brechlin * Notforgotten Farm

Wed Dec 5 * Lynda Hall * Primitive Pieces by Lynda

Friday Dec 7 * Cheri Payne * Quilts By Cheri

Monday Dec 10 * Stacy Nash * Stacy Nash

Wed Dec 12 * Ali Strebel * Ali Strebel Designs

Friday Dec 14 * Kathy Schmitz * Kathy Schmitz

Monday Dec 17 * Jeni * Woolen Willow/Primitive Quilts Magazine

Wed Dec 19 * Lisa Bongean * Primitive Gatherings

Friday Dec 21 * Stacy West * Buttermilk Basin

And special guest...

Be sure to mark your calendar so that you can enjoy all the fun coming your way.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cold Days

Good Morning,
I received this picture yesterday from Loretta.  She's had the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine from the beginning and really liked the Cold Days Pattern I had in it.
BUT, she's a rug hooker, so she decided to hook the piece instead of working with wool applique.  Thought you would love seeing Cold Days all hooked up into a rug! 

There are all kinds of ways you can enjoy a pattern, just by thinking outside of the box!

Thanks Loretta for sharing your picture with all of us........You did a great job!

Here is Loretta's blog so you can see other fun hooked pieces she's made.... enjoy!  

Friday, November 2, 2012


Good Morning!  I wanted to share a very special "THANK YOU" to all the 2012-13 Block Party Participants from Jeannie Coleman, the President of Quilts for a Cause, Inc.  

Quilts for a Cause, Inc.
c/o Jeannie Coleman
5083 N. Pinnacle Cove Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85749
Phone: (520) 529-5723

October 30, 2012

Dear Lynda and Members of the Block Party,
Christmas seemed to come early this year. What a pleasant surprise it was to receive an enormous box in the mail from Florida. I knew it was coming and couldn’t wait to open it.

To say the least it was a breathtaking experience to view each of the five BEAUTIFUL quilts. It’s amazing how one block can be set in so many different ways and give each quilt a special uniqueness. The blocks are wonderful, the quilting is outstanding and the sentiment behind the names of the quilts: “Faith”, “Hope”, “Courage”, “Love” and “Cure” warmed my heart and will capture the hearts of many buyers.

The bond that quilters share over so many things in life has manifested itself once again with your contribution of Quilts From Around the Globe. You continue to help us fulfill our Mission Statement: To use the art and business of quiltmaking to pursue medical advances against breast and gynecological cancers. Funds will be raised for research, to continue the education of medical professionals and to support clinical organizations that raise awareness, offer detection, and provide treatment to all women.

You can be assured that the money we raise from the sale of your quilts will be used to help in the fight of women’s cancers.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us over the years and for joining us in this huge endeavor.

May God Bless ALL of you………………………….Jeannie Coleman, President

Quilt for a Cause, Inc.

                                      Faith, Hope, Courage, Love, Cure

If you are not a member of the Back Door Friends Pattern Club and would like to participate in the next "Block Party" event.........please contact me.  I'm looking for group leaders around the globe for the next event.  Let me know if you would be interested.

Let's be among the many that help "delete" this horrible disease.  Again, I would also like to Thank everyone that helped on this project.  I could NOT have done any of this without your help. 

Until next time,  Lynda

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back from Market

A week away then a long drive (10+ hours) back home; a day to wash clothes, catch up with orders, repack, and off I was to market.  4:15 a.m. came very early Thursday morning  after not getting much sleep, but we made it to the airport in time for me to head to Houston by way of Atlanta.  (You know I live in Florida) Seems silly to me, but then I don't fly the plane.  (Thank goodness for that!)

The city of high rises, here's a picture of downtown from the 19th floor of the Hyatt..

Brenda Mercado (Pumpkin Patch Primitives)  was on the same flight out of Atlanta, so we met at the luggage pickup, caught the airport shuttle to the airport and had a great visit over a wonderful lunch in an underground area downtown.  Found out about that from a Valet guy out front.

Maggie Bononami of Simply Butternut and I roomed together so caught up later with her when her flight arrived.  We took the hotel shuttle to the George R. Brown convention center to pick up our badges and check out the setting up of all the vendors.  I must say, not having to do that this time made me giggle the whole time I was there.  (grin)  Everyone's booths looked great!

Back to the hotel we met up with a couple of gals from Australia.  Guess who has pictures of all of us?  They do and I don't have any to if said ladies see this post, please share the pictures!   We had a delightful time chatting with them in the lobby that evening.  They've been shop owners for 25 years and this is their first time to quilt market. 

Friday morning was the start of why I was in Houston this time.  It's the first time I've ever done a schoolhouse.  I was there to talk about my new book "Deck the Halls"
The room was quite full of shop owners coming to market to see what it was all about.
I believe you will see pictures on the website in the days to come.

Picture taken in the Kansas City Star booth

After schoolhouse was over I was able to walk through the convention center catching up with people I've met over the years.  It's so much fun to see everyone there!  Lots of new people this market too, and I was able to finally get to meet some of the gals I've met through facebook. 

Friday evening Maggie and I went out to dinner with the gals from Blackberry Primitives.  These are the gals I get a lot of my wool from.  We had a delightful time at the Spaghetti Warehouse.
                                          Tonja, Maggie, Cindy and me

Saturday was also a fun day......I did a book signing in Moda's booth at 11:00
It was fun getting to meet people that like what you do. My friend Rosemary Watson was in that line.....she's always been a bestest friend!  So good to see you Rose!

Next, I did a Checker's University video for shop owners.  I hope you will tell your local quilt shops about this wonderful opportunity to see products demonstrated by designers so they can teach classes in their shops of the items you really want to make.  My video was about a new pattern.........The Penny Pouch. 

This all of couse seemed to be like a whirlwind of activity for me.......then it was time to go home.  Right after the video session I caught the airport shuttle to the airport.  It was a sit and wait situation of which I don't do well.  8 hours later I was in the Orlando Airport waiting on luggage.  It was around midnight when we arrived home.  I must say, "There's no place like home"!

Wish I had more pictures to share, but it's hard to take pictures and talk at the same time....(grin!)

Until next time,

Hugs, Lynda

Seriously, it's November already?

Good Morning,
I hope everyone had a super Halloween!  I went trick or treating with our grandson yesterday evening...he was Nemo!  He's not quite two and thought that going back to the same house for more candy would save him steps!  He was very funny!
Mommy (who was a bumble bee!)  fixing nemo's head gear....while Jacob looks on.  They are ready to get lots of treats.

Cindy, Jacob and Bryan......all ready for trick or treating!  Bryan, the guy on the right is our youngest son.  I couldn't help stop staring and laughing...he hasn't dressed up since he was a little boy.  Way to go Bryan, love that you were there to protect everyone!

Cade's cousins, Ethan and Millie were along for the fun.  
The very best I could do was wear my halloween pumpkin earrings that glowed!
I'll have to do better next year.

Just returned home from a week with our little girls in Tennessee and quilt market.
Lots to share when I can get caught up.

Hugs, Lynda