Friday, February 22, 2013

My Visit to Mt. Creek Quilt Shop

Me and Terri Ayers of Mt. Creek Quilt Shop
A little R & R does a girl a lot of good!  Especially if you meet a wonderful shop owner like Terri Ayers.  Last October I ran across the Mt. Creek Quilt Shop, but it was on a Sunday and the shop was closed.  Today I got to meet her in person and here's a picture of her and me pointing to the Cold Days pattern she made a sample of, which you can see us pointing to.

I've so enjoyed playing with my little girls this week.   I've had the best time visiting the area and doing some antiquing.
Wait until Paw sees what I found!

Speaking of Paw, he told me over the phone that since I left him at home to take care of things there, he's running a sale.
Guess he thinks since the cat's away the mouse will play.
He said he's giving everyone 20% off each day I'm gone, so take advantage of his offer before I get back home.  I was told not to tell you the date of my return, but everyone needs to think fast about which patterns you would like to have.

Trust me, this is a huge deal to get that kind of special from him.   Time seems to go by so quickly these days.  But, I'm rejuvenated and ready to get back to work creating some fun new stuff for all of you.

Until next time,


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Roses are Red......

Roses are red
 Violets are blue
I'm so happy that I know all of you! 

I hope you will be my valentine this year.
Anyone who orders any pattern on Valentine's Day, February 14th
 will receive a special valentine's day heart from me! 

I have them hanging on basket handles
door knobs
even my scissor handle


Hugs, Lynda

Friday, February 8, 2013

Thank you........

A great big thank you to the Largo Quilt Guild for making me feel very special on Monday.  I took 100+ items with me to share and then did a color class.  Annette, whom I had met before was there.  It was so nice seeing her again.  And, speaking of that, Annette sent me this email and picture to share today. 

Hi Lynda,

Bill and I were in "Cracker Country" at the Florida State Fair this morning.
In the old houses there is usually a woman sitting in a rocking/chair hand
quilting. As I usually do (being the shy and retiring person that I am) I
ask what they are working on. Imagine my surprise when the subject of the
attached picture told me that she was working on a quilt called "Wild
Things". Before she could get another word in, I laughed and told her it
was from a pattern by Lynda Hall for Apopka and that I had spent the day
with you on Monday.

She said she was a member of the Piecemaker's club in Brandon and that she
had taken a class from you there. Unfortunately, I do not know her name -
nothing to write on. She said she would love for you to have a picture of
it, but that although she did have a camera, she did not know how to email
it to you. I told her I did and that before the day was over you would have
her picture.

She was a delight and it was a fun conversation and connection.
Take care, Annette

Although I do recognize her face, and the quilt she's working on, I'm afraid at my age....darn it.....I can't remember her name either.    I love her quilt and I'm so happy she was working on it for the fair day. 

Thanks Annette for sending me the picture!