Monday, July 13, 2009

New Baby in the Family!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Bright and early Sunday morning we received a call saying my nephew and his wife had their first baby......a boy, 6 lbs. 2 0z and 19 inches long. His name is Noah John Mudore. And, he's adorable................just ask his dad!

My Mom, just turned 86 last month. This is her 6th great grand child. She's almost blind now, but she couldn't wait to get little Noah in her arms.

And, of course, I had to have my turn as well since I'm his great aunt! All I could think about was how much I wished my sister, Sharron, could be here to love this little bundle of joy! Scott, my nephew looks so much like his mom and little Noah looks a lot like Scott.
Speaking of daddy.........he's so very proud of this little guy. Gee, can you tell? I think Scott's pretty proud of mom too.

Babies are just to much fun! My little Becca and Sarah will have another cousin to play with. Today, it was back to work on a pieced fabric and wool applique quilt.
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Carol said...

Oh Lynda...I have tears in my eyes...look at that sweet baby boy. Oh and my Scott...gosh how I wish Sharon were here to see this. I know she's beaming right this minute and showing everyone pictures. Oh and look at Edna...she's so happy...another baby here for her to snuggle with. Send my love to everyone!

Unknown said...

Hi Carol, I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing Scott all goofy and proud! lol It's hard to believe any of them are old enough to be having babies! How did that happen? Mom is over the moon, of course. I will let them know you've seen the pictures.

suz said...

How wonderful! Congratulations.

Unknown said...

Thank you suz! Families are the best!

gail said...

Happy to find your blog, Lynda. I love your patterns and am currently working on Aunt Maggies Dancing Shoes.
Beautiful new baby and born on my birthday!
Thanks for all your good work and inspiration.
Best regards from Gail in Washington State

Mary said...

Congratulations, Auntie Lynda! Those are very nice pictures of everyone.

Unknown said...

Hi Gail,
Thank you, we think he's pretty cool too.... How fun is that - he was born on your birthday! Happy Birthday to you as well.
I'm excited to see your Aunt Maggie's Dancin Shoes....please send a picture when you get it done.
Thank you again, I'm not sure it's work or just a lot of fun I'm having......but I do appreciate what you said.

Unknown said...

Hi Gwendie, Thank you! I probably should have just put the baby on there....after all, it was about him mostly. lol

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh isn't it wonderful for your mom to hold a new one! My mil has 5 great grandchildren and just loves them all!

Unknown said...

Mom is so very happy that she's got great grand children. I remember her saying that she was the only one that didn't have any! Like that was true! lol

Andrea said...

Hi Lynda, You have a very beautiful family. You are truly blessed. Children are a gift from God!

I love your pattern bags...I will be putting my order in! :o)
We had a safe move to NC, we saw the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert and Petrified forest, we all had a good time.