Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh dear, my first blip!

Just as I was getting the hang of this........ran into a blip! Go figure. My post of Primitives of the Midwest seemed to think I would be coming back to post more and so left lots of space between it and the, everyone thought they couldn't leave a comment. When I tried to fix that, it decided to play hard to get. Please scroll down a country mile and you can see where it is. I'm so very glad quilter's are patient people. I was told this had a learning curve to it! lol

So then, smack dab in the middle of the fixin part came the 4th of July holiday, so had to get ready for that. We had a delightful time here at our house. There were 13 of us gathering around the table to eat. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and everyone brought their favorite side dishes. You know how good that is. None of us went away hungry. We even had homemade icecream..........yum!

Hope your 4th was a big success. I really enjoyed all the fireworks.

Now the holidays are over and it's back to business. I hope to have more pictures to share from PMW. Just need a little cropping and downsizing and I'll be in business.

Oh, and I will probably just have to tell you about my little girls - they are taking swimming lessons. Gramma got to go see what they were up to last Friday.

Until next time,



Carol said...

Learning curve is right...there are still times after 2 years that I say "WHOA! how did that happen?" But it's tons of fun! Glad your holiday was a great one...can't wait to hear about those little girls.

Mary said...

It looks like you fixed your blip because this 'comment' button is just where it should be. I'm so glad you decided to start a blog - I know we're going to have fun reading it and seeing your pictures!